Magnolia Bird Farm

Magnolia Bird Farm: A Bird Lover’s Paradise in Anaheim, California

Magnolia Bird Farm is a beloved pet store and aviary located in Anaheim, California that specializes in exotic and rare breeds of birds. With a huge selection of feathered friends and top-notch customer service, this store is a must-visit for bird lovers across Orange County and beyond. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this iconic bird shop!

Where Is Magnolia Bird Farm Located? Store Hours and Contact Info

magnolia bird farm
magnolia bird farm

Magnolia Bird Farm is located at 8990 Cerritos Avenue SWC Magnolia Ave. & Cerritos Ave.


8990 Cerritos Avenue
SWC Magnolia Ave. & Cerritos Ave.

12200 Magnolia Avenue
NEC Magnolia Ave. & Buchanan St.

What Do Customers Have to Say About This Bird Shop?

With decades of experience caring for exotic birds since first opening its doors in the 1960s, Magnolia Bird Farm has developed a stellar reputation in the local community. The store has earned an impressive 4.5 star average rating with over 796 Google reviews praising their excellent selection and friendly, knowledgeable service.

Many customers specifically call out store owner Frank Miser for his passion and expertise when it comes to exotic birds. Here are just a couple five-star reviews from happy customers:

“Frank is so friendly and you can tell he really cares about the birds and his customers. Excellent selection of different bird species and cages/supplies here. I’ll definitely be coming back!”

This place is amazing if you’re looking for a specific breed of bird. The owner clearly has a lot of experience and guided me to the perfect feathered friend. Highly recommended!”

What Types of Birds Does Magnolia Bird Farm Sell?

With over 100 different exotic bird species available, you’ll find an incredible selection at Magnolia Bird Farm. Some of the types of birds they offer include:

  • Parrots – macaws, Amazon parrots, conures, parakeets, and more
  • Finches – Gouldian finches, owl finches, zebra finches
  • Softbills – toucans, mynahs, hornbills
  • Birds of prey – falcons, hawks, eagles
  • Pigeons and doves
  • Pheasants
  • Quail
  • Swans and peacocks
  • Backyard chickens
  • Ducks and geese
  • Exotic imports – minah birds, weavers, waxbills

No matter what type of feathered friend you’re looking for, you’re sure to find diverse, healthy, high-quality birds at Magnolia. The shop always has new exotic bird arrivals coming in from reputable breeders around the world, so you never know what you might discover.

What Should I Know Before Buying a Bird from Magnolia?

Purchasing an exotic bird is a big commitment. Here are some key things to keep in mind before bringing a new feathered friend home from Magnolia Bird Farm:

  • Do your research – Learn about the specific bird species’ personality, behaviors, housing requirements, diet, and potential health issues before committing. The staff at Magnolia can offer guidance, but you should still educate yourself.
  • Prepare their habitat in advance – Birds need spacious, stimulating environments. Have an appropriately sized cage, plenty of toys, and proper perches set up ahead of time so your new pet can acclimate.
  • Factor in ongoing costs – Quality feed, fresh produce, toys, vet care, and other supplies add up. Make sure you have a budget for these recurring expenses.
  • Consider noise levels – Many exotic birds are quite vocal and noisy. If you have close neighbors, a very loud bird may not work well.
  • Ask about handling/taming – Some bird species are hand tame and bred for companionship, while others prefer less human interaction. Inquire with staff about the bird’s personality before adopting.
  • Patience is key – It takes time and work to bond with and train birds. Be prepared to put in consistent effort helping them adjust.

How Much Do Birds Cost at Magnolia Bird Farm?

Prices for exotic birds at Magnolia vary depending on age, rarity, and breed. Small birds like budgies or cockatiels may start at $20-50, while larger parrots can cost $1,000 to $5,000+ for rare breeds.

Budget at least $100-300 for a quality cage appropriate for your bird’s size, plus around $50-100 per month for food, toys, and other recurring supplies. Vet exams, grooming, boarding, and other services will be extra costs to account for as well.

The staff at Magnolia Bird Farm can break down estimated ownership costs for the specific breed you are interested in purchasing. It’s important to fully understand the investment before taking on a new feathered friend.

What Are Some Beginner-Friendly Birds I Can Choose From?

magnolia bird farm kids happy
magnolia bird farm kids happy

Great starter birds for first-time owners include:

  • Budgies – Small, cute, relatively easy parakeets that come in many color mutations. They are social flock birds.
  • Cockatiels – Popular, pint-sized parrots known for their affectionate nature and whistles/mimicking ability. Many color varieties available.
  • Conures – Fun, medium-sized parrots with clownish personalities. Some species like green cheeks are especially good for beginners.
  • Caique parrots – Playful, companionable species often described as “clowns.” Require lots of interaction.
  • Canaries – Classic songbirds that come in different breeds/colors. Uncomplicated care.
  • Finches – Entertaining, low-maintenance petite birds that do well in flocks. Good options like zebra finches for first-timers.

Be sure to consult the avian experts at Magnolia Bird Farm to match you with the right starter bird based on your lifestyle, experience level, and home environment. Let them know you’re looking for a beginner-friendly companion.

What Are the Main Services Offered at Magnolia Bird Farm?

In addition to bird sales, Magnolia provides the following avian services:

  • Boarding – Short and long-term boarding services to care for birds when owners travel.
  • Grooming – Nail trimming, wing clipping, feather trimming services by experienced staff.
  • Veterinary exams – Wellness exams, diagnostics, treatments, and surgery on-site through affiliated vet.
  • Kennels/cages – Wide selection of cages and kennels available for purchase to house birds.
  • Food/treats – Extensive inventory of bird foods, seeds, pellets, produce, and toys.
  • Supplies – Everything you need for bird care – perches, dishes, cages accessories, calcium supplements, etc.
  • Hand-feeding/weaning – Special assistance with hand-feeding and weaning baby birds.
  • Training – Help taming, socializing, and training birds to talk.
  • Pick up/delivery – Options available for local Southern California area pick up/drop off of your birds.

What Are Some Key Tips for Caring for My New Bird?

Here are some top tips for providing excellent care to your new feathered friend from Magnolia Bird Farm:

  • Feed a balanced, varied diet – Quality seed mix, produce, pellets, sprouted seeds.
  • Provide ample room for flying – Minimum cage sizes but allow frequent supervised play.
  • Give fresh filtered water changed daily.
  • Ensure 12+ hours darkness for sleep nightly.
  • Arrange regular vet check ups 1-2x per year.
  • Shower/mist birds to keep feathers healthy.
  • Supply plenty of interactive toys, changed frequently.
  • Train with positive reinforcement.
  • Socialize gently and consistently.
  • Never grab, shake, or startle birds.
  • Research proper handling techniques to build trust.
  • Keep emergency vet number handy just in case.
  • Ask avian experts for help whenever issues come up.

Following these tips will help ensure a happy, thriving exotic bird in their new forever home! Check with Magnolia’s knowledgable staff for any questions.

Why Choose Magnolia Bird Farm for My Exotic Bird Purchase?

When it comes to finding a healthy, well-socialized exotic bird in California, few stores compare to Magnolia Bird Farm. Here are the top reasons to choose Magnolia for your bird:

  • 5+ decades of experience – Longstanding, family-owned shop with deep avian expertise.
  • Outstanding reputation – Rave customer reviews praise their selection, service, and staff knowledge.
  • Huge exotic bird inventory – 100+ species from reputable breeders to choose from. Always new arrivals.
  • All supplies under one roof – One-stop shop for birds, cages, toys, food, grooming, vet care, and more.
  • Knowledgeable staff – The owner and employees offer honest guidance and spend time answering questions.
  • Healthy, well-socialized birds – Their birds are vet checked, cage-free, and bred for good temperaments.
  • Top-notch facilities – Clean, spacious store with helpful veterinary clinic.
  • Support after purchase – They continue to offer advice and services to customers post-purchase.

For the best chance of finding your perfect feathered soulmate, visit Magnolia Bird Farm in Anaheim, CA today. This iconic bird shop offers an amazing selection paired with expertise you won’t find anywhere else. Bring your exotic bird dreams to life and fly home with a new family member!

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